Festival Season!

So, This year I worked two festivals, both completely different from one another. The first festival I worked was in Liverpool for ‘Smooth Radio’ on the waterfront. it was a brilliant day and got to hear some classic 80’s soul music! I was a camera operator for the coverage video ‘Screen Boo Productions’ where putting together. It was incredibly hot so now I am sporting one tanned atm, one not so tanned arm, due to being in the same position all day.


The second festival I worked was TechFest 2014 which I also worked last year, This year I was the stage manager for the 3rd stage, We had some technical problems due to the sound system that was in place but its nothing me and my team couldn’t Iron out and fix! in the end everything ran smoothly and I got to work with some of my favorite bands! from the back of this I have also been booked on a UK tour with a band as there technician and audio engineer.





I received an amazing E-mail from my head of course the other day, Clarifying my degree classification, and it was indeed a FIRST! :3 so I am now the proud owner of a BSc (Hons) First Class degree in Professional sound and Video technology, I have applied for about 18 jobs around the UK and have an interview lined up with CROW TV in London on Monday (6/7 hour bus ride down to london, its not going to be fun) But that being said I am very excited for the interview! I feel as if though im starting to believe in myself more now I have this degree so hopefully that will show during the interview!

Crow TV are a Post-production house for television and work with some of the biggest names within the UK including, The BBC, Channel 4 and the Discovery channel (which is awesome, I love discovery).


I am also freelancing at the Mersey River Festival this weekend, which should be brilliant.

Maya modeling for game.

So as discussed previously I have started working on a game with my good friend ben. Ive decided to model some of the simpler items such as barrels and boxes, general little items within the game, I started modeling a street lamp and then got a bit carried away playing around with some lighting today and would just thought I would share it with you.

box and shitt



So today I completed my final report for university, I dont think I have ever wrote so much in the past 3 years of being at university as i have these past 3 or 4 months. Writing is by far my weakest point, GIVE ME MORE PRACTICAL WORK! anyway with this being said I will most likely end up publishing the papers on my blog as no doubt I will have to write many within my career so a little library wont hurt anyway and im sure it will help others. I have decided I need something to do in my spare time whilst job hunting so have decided to start work on the game I mentioned in my previous post. I will be working on it with my friend ben, Who currently lives in Seattle working for Microsoft, so this should be a nice fun venture!

So please excuse me whilst I go create some more assets within maya! :D



A new project on the horizion.

Just a quick update, between writing my dissertation on Ambisonic audio and writing various other final reports I have been discussing creating a game with my friend, I found some free time today (Dissertation submitted, and last report almost finished, YES!) and so decided to start modeling some objects for the game. (instead of playing counter-strike) Below you can find a barrel modeled within Maya. HOW EXCITING.

Barrel 1 barrel 2 with lighting

The Winter – Hellenic Film Academy Awards 2014

The Winter hellenic film academy.

The Winter hellenic film academy.

If you follow my work or my blog you will have released I worked on my first full feature film last year, The Winter is officially in the competition for the Hellenic Film Academy Awards for 2014!!!! heres to hoping!