The Winter – Hellenic Film Academy Awards 2014

The Winter hellenic film academy.

The Winter hellenic film academy.

If you follow my work or my blog you will have released I worked on my first full feature film last year, The Winter is officially in the competition for the Hellenic Film Academy Awards for 2014!!!! heres to hoping!

Final Project Update. – Ambisonics

After talking with my tutors again it was decided my final project would be 100% marked on my findings and writing. so I have decided to use an old piece I sound designed for a project about a year ago, this was for the short blender project animation ‘Big Buck Bunny’ I have decided to Mix a 5.1 mix and a 8 speaker ambisonic mix, I will conduct a subjective listening test on over 20 participants to see which system they prefer and which system they feel is more immersive, I will play my 5.1 mix out of a 5.1 set up, the ambisonic mix over an 8 speaker cube shaped ambisonic system and then play the 5.1 mix over the ambisonic system as an anchor for the testing as such. I have decided mainly to use people untrained ears as these would give me a better feeling of the audience for home entertainment.

Wigware Panner for 8 speaker ambisonics for Mark Weller's 2014 dissertation project.

Wigware Panner for 8 speaker ambisonics for Mark Weller’s 2014 dissertation project.

To create the ambisonic mix I used Bruce Wiggins Wigware plug-ins to create a fully functioning 8 speaker ambisonic rig, It took some time to figure out the routing but I shall post that at a later date to help anybody who wishes to know.

My writing is slowly getting there now over the 2000 word mark! Once my testing is Ready to go writing should become easier.



Final Project progress 1.


Due to dropping my external hard drive in a puddle on the way to university I have had to start over again as it seems my previous save I backed up was corrupt. I aim to produce around 30 seconds of completed sound design a day. So far I have created 10 seconds of the intro to elephants dream, combing custom synth patches and recorded audio, to create a realistic believable environment.

Top 3 moments of 2012/2013

As it comes to the end of year I thought I would look back at some of the work I have produced during 2012/2013. So in no particular order.. here we go!

Breaking into the Indie media world!

during 2012 myself and David Hurst broke into the independent game world with our composition for the game ‘Townseed’ the feeling was incredible. upon completing this score we were offered 2 other contacts with other game projects and films, We then took a break to focus on university.

Working at the BBC!

in 2012 I applied and successfully got a Job at the bbc and a technical runner, this was a brilliant experience, I got to meet all sorts of characters and if anything, gave me a real confidence booster, Knowing a cooperation as a big as the BBC thought I was good enough to work for them was incredible.


Mark Weller on the Big Screen.

Mid 2013 I managed to land a contract with a film production house based in London UK on their new film ‘THE WINTER’ as a sound designer and Sound Supervisor. This project was an absolutely brilliant insight into the world, and is defiantly something I wish to peruse as a career.

24 frames 24 hours… Wins 2nd place!

24 frames 24 hours wins 2nd place at HCI

24 frames 24 hours wins 2nd place at HCI

24 frames 24 hours was an an international collaboration mobile film making project I was involved with during 2012. Im happy to announce it recently won 2nd place in the Mobile HCI 2013 in Munich, Germany

Electronic Track I never finished…

So before my PC died I started working on an Electronic track, Mainly to push myself out of my musical comfort zone, Before my PC died I uploaded a little bit of the track Just to show a few friends whilst I was working on it, This was the last save/Render I had, after this render Id put another 3 or 4 hours into this, but unfortunately I cant show you what was nearing a completed product, anyway have a listen, I will probably return to this and start from scratch when I have some more free time. But for now I must start my final project for Uni! – Blog post to follow.